Adult community dating discovery focused sexual

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It is important that young people be given information that will help them make good decisions, and are shown positive relationship models that will demonstrate alternatives to the negative examples they frequently see in the world around them.Involving all adolescents in education about safety and risk, rather than just those who show problems, builds resilience for future difficulties.

Each session is approximately 50 minutes in length.

It provides a process for exploration of personal values, discernment of character traits of others, and practice of informed decision making.

Discovery Dating details steps which enable the student to predict repercussions of certain choices and the benefits of true partnership based upon discernment of facts and information.

If you do not have time to complete all ten sessions, the curriculum has suggestions for a six-session or four-session program.

It is important to realize, however, that the fidelity of the product and accompanying outcomes are best maintained by completing all ten sessions.

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