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Also ensure your job interviewers are trained on which inquiries in the hiring process aren’t allowed under the ADA. Requesting too much information The ADA greatly restricts the amount of information you can request to support an employee’s claim of disability or request for a reasonable accommodation.

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With a written policy in place, employees know what to expect, and supervisors and HR professionals know what to do. Making assumptions about a disability Making assumptions about how a particular disability might affect an employee can get you in trouble in several ways.

Goodin Even experienced HR professionals have a difficult time with requests for reasonable accommodation from disabled employees.

This process is even trickier if the employee needs a leave of absence as an accommodation because of the intersection of different laws that govern leaves of absence.

However, even when the need for an accommodation isn’t obvious, you are entitled only to information sufficient to substantiate the need for an accommodation and to describe the nature, severity, and expected duration of the impairment.

You can’t ask for more or seek a medical examination. Not respecting confidentiality Most experienced HR professionals are aware of the obligation to keep employee medical information confidential.

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