5 secrets to dating success

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Hearty plant-based meals were served family style to the tables with no set seats, which were named after countries we have travelled that were significant to us.'Guests were entertained throughout dinner by an amazing acoustic duo, who also played their first dance.They also had a dessert wine bar in lieu of traditional desserts, apart from their two tier vegan wedding cake.'Initially I never thought I would meet someone on Tinder but the more people I spoke to, the more I realised all types of people with all types of agendas used the app,' she said.

Their shared ethics and values played a big part in preparing for their special day.But I figured there was no harm in putting it out there! 'I even had my radius set to only 15 kilometres as I didn't want to travel far to go on dates.'Simon's profile info was really weird and definitely not what I was looking for, but I thought he was cute and would make for interesting banter at least, so I swiped right,' she said.Renee said Simon, 34, wasn't great with his messaging and he revealed very early on that he actually lived interstate.'But he was vegetarian (super important to me and also super hard to find), was staying very close by and was willing to come to me for our first date so I reluctantly agreed, telling my housemate she may have to come and rescue me! Their first date was at a Thai restaurant where they shared vegetarian food, wine and 'surprisingly good conversation'.We were supposed to head to a bar in the city for drinks and we ended up staying in all night and talking until the early hours of the morning,' she told FEMAIL.- September 2015They met and had their first date- December 2015They moved together from Queensland to Victoria - April 2017Elliott proposed to Steph - October 2018The two of them were married- September 2019They will be expecting their first child 'We moved very quickly from there and ended up living together two weeks later and moving states three months later.'I knew he was the one because we saw eye to eye on so many things.

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