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He offers all features on his dating site for free and has promised to never use subscription plans or paid features to turn a profit.

Instead, he uses banner ads and affiliate partnerships to generate revenue.

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Mike continually tweaked the design and looked around for different solutions until he settled on Elgg in January 2011.Today, Mike and a team of volunteer admins monitor TG Personals and make sure it remains a safe and friendly place for singles of all orientations and backgrounds.They closely monitor the profiles and content on the dating site to protect vulnerable members from being taken advantage of or harassed.Word about Mike’s affiliation with a transgender woman spread, and many of his peers made a joke out of it. He’d witnessed firsthand how ignorant individuals can shame someone for their choices, and he refused to give in to their peer pressure.He had no plans to meet the transgender woman he had been talking to, but he did pursue a long-distance relationship with another trans woman on a dating site.

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